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WiEx 510 Cellular Range Extender

WiEx 510 Cellular Range Extender

  • Improves cell phone coverage in your home or office by amplifying the signal
  • Improves cellular reception for Quad-Band phones such as the new 3G iPhone. This is the only booster that will work for the 3G iPhone.
  • Allows you to use your cell phone as your only phone – cancel your landline service!
  • One of the few cell phone boosters that covers 800 and 1900 Mhz frequencies
  • Product has a one year warranty for parts and labor from the manufacturer
  • Improved battery life of your cell phone
  • The YX510-PCS/CEL DOES NOT benefit iDENTM (trademark Motorola), NextelTM (trademark Nextel Communications Corp)
  • Not sure what frequency your cell phone operates in? Cell phone service providers operate on different frequency ranges depending on your location. For more information, weve created a “How To” for determining your cellular frequency range, more>>
  • 50ft of connection cable is provided to connect the antenna to the base unit. Should you need a longer (replacement, not addition to) cable, we have them available in various lengths (60ft, 70ft, 80ft, 90ft, and 100ft lengths)

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