Daily Updates From CES 2010

Daily Updates From CES 2010

Solid Signal TV will be providing daily updates from CES 2010.  Daily ‘Flip Cam’ updates will begin Tuesday, January 5th.

To purchase any of the products shown please go to www.solidsignal.com

4 Responses to “Daily Updates From CES 2010”

  1. el gweedo el gweedo says:

    cant wait to see the best of vegas CES

  2. Ed Ed says:

    Try going down to Starbucks and using their WiFi. There is a Starbucks just opposite – roughly – the Sahara hotel, a long block north on Paradise Rd from the Hilton. It is at the corner of Paradise and Sahara. Can’t miss it. Just north of the Sahara monorail station.

    I just got back home to the PNW from CES. I ran in to your folks several times on the CES floor and have come back to see what you’ve produced! Hopefully you’ll get it online soon!

  3. I found your post looking on yahoo for just this information. I’m going to add you to favorites, I got alot from some of your other posts as well. Thanks!

  4. Jean Shaver Jean Shaver says:

    Informative post. I have bookmarked your site and make sure to comeback for more such info. Thanks for sharing.

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